Sunna Rec.

Sunna rec. (formerly “skyfather records”) was started in southeastern Germany (Bavaria) near Munich by Emanuel Lehner (Immanu-El/TranceLucid), with the intention of supporting and spreading the development of the whole spectrum of Psychedelic music and culture – both locally and globally.­


The label’s first goal is to promote the work of different DJs and producers on the international Trance scene, with emphasis on natural, earthy sounds and live musicians. We support our artists by providing them with mastering and graphic services, as well as the promotion of their sound – both online and offline.

Because music is born of our deepest feelings and transcends all cultural barriers, we use our work to connect us to the visions of others and create a platform that is mutually beneficial to all.

We value releasing quality music, not only from our own artists but also joint ventures and compilations with a variety of producers and musicians all around the world.

To take an active part in the local Trance scene and to give people the opportunity to enjoy quality music from the dance floor we organize local events to really feel what simple words will never be able to describe – the love that joins and motivates us all.

If you produce live music  and are looking for a record label, do not hesitate to send us an email or demo sound.

Although we’d like to set our main accent on instrumental live performances, we are open to the full range of psychedelic music and looking forward to expanding the network!