In our opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the psychedelic scene is the combination of music and arts – an explosion for the senses that goes beyond acoustics…

We are happy to present our new handmade deco set – by Noffi Art & Blacklight Decorations (Sangoma rec.) – to supplement our own natural and woody decoration elements.

As well as our newest label partner – Brainwalker (Bavaria, Germany) with their amazing handpainted starlight & universe deco set! Enjoy!

Graphic Design & Promotion

Since 2015 we have had our own graphic design team – Sacred Design – working on our online presentation and PR.

Invaluable to the promotion of music artists and events, we have experience in homepage design (wordpress), corporate logo/concept ceation, print and online media producion as well as video production for promotion purpuses.

Of course we are happy to help you with your own concept and design!

If you are interested in our services, contact us at :