Digital Monkey (live)

✦ PSYTRANCE ✦ 136 – 170 BPM ✦

Matt XXX, Bordeaux, France.

Digital Monkey is a project set up in 2016 in Bordeaux, born from an eternal passion for the energy and sensations that electronic music brings to a dancefloor. Noises, crazy leads, dynamic and groovy basslines, hypnotic percussion, twisted biological synthesizer textures, eccentric psychedelic ambiences, sounds from a distant space, and “movie track” type atmosphere.

He plays any style of Psytrance with many different influences from other artists, like Once upon a time/ Chris rich / Kabayun – but always with a  touch of madness.

He plays on several Apc 40 type machines, Apc mkII, maschine mKII and others, that allow him to adapt his sound freely live and in front of his audience by working with loops that he mixes at will.


  • Joined his friends at “Alchimystik’event”, that organize Techno/ Psytrance events in Bordeaux, France since 2013
  • Started to publish his tracks and to produce more and more live on stage alongside artists like Once Upon a Time / Dust / Mandragora / Gonzi and many more
  • Participated with sunna records on their Psytrance compilation “Into The Woods” in 2019
  • Member of sunna records since 2020