Flowwolf (live)


Wolfgang Benke, Vienna, Austria.

FlowwolF is an Austrian musician, live act, Dj and producer.
He plays various Instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums & Keys).

He started producing in 2010. From 2011 to 2017 he produced 14 unreleased albums with guitars, percussions and natural instrumental sounds.

His style is influenced by Artists like Ajja, 1200 Microgramms, S.U.N. Project, etc. but is entirely his own.

For him, the most important part of his music is the flow, so his sets take you away on a wave of sound.


  • Cofounder of Hi-Psy Collective, based in and around Vienna (Austria).
  • Member of sunna records since 2018.
  • Co-organizer of “People in Trance” and the Psytrance Stage at Donauinselfest Vienna.
  • 1st EP “Ubuntu” (Tendance Music), 1st VA “Sun Cross – Winter Solstice” (sunna rec.), and many collaborations with namable psytrance artists.
  • Played at events with: Talamasca, Avalon, Dharma, Dirty Saffi, Audiomatic, Sinerider, Isometric, and many more…