Guwanej (live)


Sven Pape, Bavaria, Germany.

Guwanej ( Dj and Producer ) fell in love with Goa Trance in all of it’s art forms in ’97 . Soon after he started playing it as a DJ.

Today his unique sets are filled up with fullpower Twilight and Forest music. They often change from Progressive tunes to melodic and crackling tracks.

As a DJ he is now a member of Forestdelic Records and Visionary Shamanics Records.
And a live-act with Sunna Secords since the release of his first EP “First Contact” in May 2019.


  • Member of sunna records since 2019
  • Released: First EP “First Contact” with sunna rec.
  • Released: different single tracks on various compilations since 2017
  • Past Gigs: International gigs in India, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Macedonia & Switzerland, as well as local gigs
  • Resident DJ of “Alice in Wummerland”, the biggest event series in the south of Germany in 2013