Nioka (live)


Dennis Brandt, Bavaria, Germany.

Nioka discovered the Trance scene in 2004 and soon began to DJ for himself. After some time gathering his own ideas he switched to producing his own sound.

With “Nioka” – his first solo project – he always expressed his wild experimental side creating driving and melodic Psy with dark Twilight elements and strong baselines.

As a contrast he started his side project “Manoj” – a mixture of experimental melodic electronic music with deep spheric sounds.

Since 2016 he has been working on a joint project with DJ Immanu-El, called “Trancelucid”, experimenting with ethnic influences and natural sounds.


  • Member of Deep Thought Productions since 2014
  • Member of Visionary Shamanic Records since 2015
  • 1st single track releases on V/As with Banyan Records (Austria), Visionary Shamanic Rec., Purple Hexagon, Shunyata Records and Spontaneus Aerobics
  • Played at Gaggalacka Festival 2016 (Germany), Solar Moon (Paris, France) 2017, AUM Video Games (Auckland, New Zealand), Overload Festival (Duneden, New Zealand), Moon Society OA  (Northland, New Zealand), Moon Mountain (Kanchanaburi, Thailand), Doof in Tha Jungle (Pai, Thailand), Omkara Festival (Nepal) and many more events…
  • Member of sunna records since 2017
  • 1st EP “Roots of Life” release with sunna records in 2018
  • Upcoming events: Into The Woods open-air (Bavaria, Germany), Donauinselfest (Vienna, Austria), Dragon’s Quest (Croatia)